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Today, there is no reason children should be concerned about visiting to the dentist. Your child’s first visit should be fun, friendly and informative.

We encourage you to bring your child for their first visit well before problems may arise. The Australian Dental Association recommends that your child first visit the dentist as soon as they get their first tooth, or when they are 12 months old – whichever happens first.

We are the Tooth Fairy’s representative and we take our role very seriously. Your child will be warmly welcomed and will experience a visit that will leave them happy and confident to return. They will receive presents from the Tooth Fairy and we encourage parents or carers to photograph this important milestone. Regular examinations, cleaning and treatment will set your child up for a lifetime of strong healthy teeth and gums.

The Government has identified the importance of introducing children to the dentist from an early age. Eligible children aged from 4-17 are able to access the Child Dental Benefit Scheme to the value of $1000 over 2 years.

Optima Dental Care is proud to be able to provide this service, which is bulk-billed, once eligibility has been established.

You grow old because you stop laughing


You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.

As we age, our dental concerns change and maintenance and prevention is paramount. In days gone by, it was almost expected that you would lose all your teeth and suffer from wearing dentures that could be ill-fitting – creating sore spots on your gums and making eating difficult or impossible.

How great is it that with our knowledge and technology, keeping your teeth or replacing your gaps with dental implants is now more achievable? No more leaving your teeth on the bedside table!

Snoring is more than just annoying for your partner. Men, in particular, are often not concerned about their snoring. Snoring is common but not normal – and it doesn’t just affect their partner’s sleep. Snoring is an indicator of other health problems and it is important that it is investigated and treated.

Children should also not be making noise while asleep. It may be cute for them to snore but it is not normal. They need to be assessed.

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