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Welcome to Optima Dental Care. We provide quality dental care for patients of all ages.

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Our professional dental team is highly qualified, patient focused and dedicated to delivering an exceptional dental experience in a modern environment. We know the importance of a fully functioning mouth and a lovely smile and our goal is to care for you through all stages of your dental life.

First impressions count

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental crowns and bridges are a great way to replace a broken down tooth or a gap to bring your mouth back to full function. Our crowns and bridges are hand made in Australia from the finest quality material and the resemblance to natural teeth is uncanny

Headaches, grinding and snoring ore not normal

Jaw Joint and Snoring

Do you wake up from sleep with a sore jaw or have difficulty opening your mouth? Have you been told you snore? Does your child snore? These symptoms are not normal and can be addressed with careful diagnosis and treatment planning. After diagnosis, treatment options will be discussed that could include a sleep device or a splint to protect your teeth. Finding out the cause of your grinding is paramount. We don't mask the symptoms, we address the cause.

Working with you at all stages of your life

Optima Dental Care….Optimal Health

Optima Dental Care knows the importance of a smile you can be proud of and the aesthetic and functional nature of your teeth". We help all our patients’ look and feel their best.